Sign usage - a reminder to oneself and others that you have peaceful patriotic attitudes, conscious and firm self-determination.


Explanation – rhombus constitutes the core of the sign (Nationia rhombus). Since ancient times this figure has been used by various nations as symbol of eternity, four sides of the world, and flow indicator. Here four corners of rhombus symbolize: past, West, traditions (left), good, north, truth (upper), future, east, creativity (right), evil, South, and lie (bottom).

Three corners, pointers, "ticks", lines to the top symbolize the pursuit of goodness, truth, peace, and progress.

The bottom one symbolizes nationality. This is the basis. Visually this line faces junction with the lower part of the rhombus thus forming a new but much smaller rhombus, which would be at the bottom of the whole rhombus. Figuratively this means two threats to nationality. Key one is nation mixture in global world and their extinction. And reverse, complementary - conflicts, wars among nations.

The middle symbolizes mind and will. These are fundamentals, main features of human as a living and intelligent being. They are justice and progress warrant and path to prosperity.

The upper one is above the rhombus. This is abstraction, dream, goodness, and perfection.

The sign is painted in black on a white background. This means "in black and white”, simplicity, conventionality. White background symbolizes purity, light, truth, and possibility to create and seek.

A sign of movement, lifestyle philosophy, and nation community is used without letters at the bottom. Letters are used by particular nation (Nationia).Lithuanians nationists use sign with letters LT at its bottom, Italians - with IT, French – with FR, Russians - with RUS, etc.

Symbolism, trademarks, clothing details:

White kerchief on ones shoulders (with Nationia rhombus or without it).

White bandage on ones right hand (with Nationia rhombus or without it) - in special occasions.

White gloves (with Nationia rhombus or without it).

Nationia rhombus on white material circle carried on clothes left side, on the chest, at heart height.

Clothing details may be worn on various occasions or everyday, in various combinations or separately.




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